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Approaching the finish line....

Most of us are not really sad to see the back of 2021. We are at the finish line and tying up the final loose ends. I wonder what you have to say about 2021? Let us know. In charity it has been tough! But with prayer, perseverance and patience we now face the finish line. Still standing and still smiling. It is the surprise that Season for Seniors brought that has us smiling broadly. With a year so tough and tight - how is it even possible that my hope of maybe reaching a goal of fifty gift bags to bless fifty seniors that have little or nothing, was exceeded many times over. Two hundred and fifty gift bags! On top of that, there are Christmas cakes and custard. This was an unexpected outcome which left me speechless, emotional and oh so very thankful.

Words are so limited when one wants to thank absolutely every single generous soul for such a delightful 2021 ending. My soul is warmed and as my bakkie leaves on Tuesday seventh to deliver to “Mercy Ministry” in Arcadia, there will be disbelief of those on the receiving end! Many have lost everything and are not expecting such a surprise. I can hardly wait to go. Lost everything? Yes! Old folk are first to be let go of a job, and at the age of a senior citizen, there are no work opportunities and therefore no money for rent or food or medical care. Mercy Ministry relies 100% on the generosity of ordinary people like us. A door is opened, love is freely given, the Gospel of good news to the poor is practically given out, a cooked meal is served and cans of food given to those who have nothing to eat later. Best of all, here relationships are formed, friends are made, advice is given and this month an entire gift bag for each one! Life does not get better than that! Those who gave, those who issued the request for these bags, those who bagged the items and attached a Christmas tag to each one, may your celebration be above all the best, because it really is better to give than to receive. I don’t know how else to say it? Thank you! On behalf of every soul on the receiving end, thank you!

As the Summer days bring sunshine and longer hours, may you remain safe, enjoy times of leisure and ‘walk with God.’ Slow and steady… it gets things done or not? The sunshine comes again tomorrow … And the next day …

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