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Jochebed children's village

Jochebed Children's Village is a communal home for orphaned, abandoned, at risk, abused or neglected children. Located on the African Blessings Farm, Jochebed encompasses a baby centre, an early learning centre and housing facility for the children that have been placed in our care. 

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Nurturing excellence...

The housing consists of 16 individual homes, each one designed to accommodate a family of 2 house parents and 6 children. The design and construction of Jochebed means we are able to provide a safe and nurturing forever home environment for up to 96 children.


The Village is designed to emulate a stable home environment and supportive community. Currently, due to funding limitations, only two of the house are occupied.  The third house is almost ready for occupants and more children will be able to ‘come home’ as each house is completed and we receive the desperately needed donations to run the households on a month to month basis.

Each home is headed by a foster parent or parents, and is designed to function as a regular household and family environment, including all of the daily things that so many take for granted, like meals and after school extra-curricular activities. When the children return home from school, they can share their day’s adventures with their foster parents and enjoy the afternoon swimming, visiting the farm animals, going for walks or riding their bicycles. Weekends are spent as a family, and our children enjoy treats, such as a Wimpy milkshake and other outings, just as any child does!

Each house is furnished and decorated, and has a kitchen, dining room and lounge. Each child has their own bed, toys and cupboard for their belongings and they are encouraged to decorate their bedroom area as their own.

It is imperative to the work done at African Blessings to ensure that each one of our children grow up in an environment where they are loved, supported and above all else, feel safe and secure. It is our aim to have all 16 homes functional as soon as possible so that The Village  is able to provide for more at risk children.

African Blessings is 100% reliant on the donations received from our sponsors and the general public, without which, the work we do would not be possible.


We pray and believe faithfully that we will be blessed with opportunities to expand this work to help more children in need.

The Farm is a working farm and produces various crops. Erogrostis and teff are grown both to feed our own rescue animals, and to be sold to generate income to assist with the costs of the African Blessing Farm. Our maize and vegetable fields produce over 45 tons of food each year, which is used to feed our own Village and also sent to silage to contribute to income for the Farm. Currently, about 15% of the yield is banked at the silo and converted to finished maize products for the Farm.


Behind the Village, 300 ha of Bluegums were planted, specifically for bee farming. Our hive apiary flourished for many years, but sadly the forest was very badly damaged in a fire in 2019 and the bees left in search of food. They are, however, slowly returning and we hope to be producing our world class, medicinal honey again in the near future.

If you would like to get involved in Jochebed Children’s Village to assist with this work, please click on the buttons below for more info on volunteering, or making a donation.

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