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About us

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The primary focus at African Blessings is Jochebed Children's Village, which provides a safe and nurturing home for at-risk children. It has been a long journey to build and establish the 16 homes that form part of the village, but we are finally ready to begin taking in more children.

Sustainable farming projects form a large part of African Blessings’ self-sustaining programs. They provide food security, as well as continued and nutritious food sources, for the children and staff who live on the farm.

The farm forms the foundation upon which all the African Blessings projects are run and is located strategically between three major rural communities straddling Gauteng and Mpumalanga (Rethabiseng, Ekangala and Zithobeni). African Blessings, together with African Hills, provides employment and further training opportunities within these communities.

With many of the children arriving at our village malnourished or with medical conditions, ranging from HIV to Asthma, the medical needs of our children are great.  With the help of our local doctor, Local Choice Pharmacy Clinic and our supporters’ generous donations, we have been able to give our children the medical care they need; and those on chronic medication are now monitored and sent for regular check-ups to see that there various medical conditions are well controlled.

In order to check all of our children’s developmental milestones and ensure that they are developing at optimum level, we also make use of Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists. Extra therapy always costs the village precious funds but we are determined that our children receive the best care and services to enable them to develop to their full potential.


African Blessings is a registered non-profit company (2003/006636/08) and a public benefit organisation (930029073). Donations towards African Blessings are tax deductible and you will be eligible to receive a SARS 18A certificate to submit with your tax return.

Our Facilities
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Donations received from corporate entities and individuals are used to build a foundation for lasting change. Through donations received from our generous benefactors, we are able to commit to a sustainable impact on the lives of our children that extends far beyond immediate needs.

Mile stone objectives which will have a significant impact on the well being of the children in our care include the completion of the sport’s field and a state of the art Occupational Therapy centre.

An occupational therapist plays an important role to identify and help children with developmental delays. During OT sessions, play like activities are selected to simulate brain integration, sensory integration, gross motor skills, fine and visual perception skills. While children go through an OT program, they learn how to plan and organise their behaviour. During an OT sessions, children also build confidence when their skills sets improve.

At a learning centre where most of the children originate from a deprived background, the OT, through activities and exercises, helps them to develop better and much needed basic skill sets they are lacking.

Better emotional well-being results in increased confidence to practice skills sets and this drastically increases their chances of being able to learn how to read and write. Many of the children in our care have fallen victim to fetal alcohol syndrome and other learning disabilities caused from parental drug abuse, malnutrition and abuse.

The OT centre and its services can be adapted as the children grow in order to help them to perform at their optimum level of functioning. As the children get older, more task orientated activities can be presented in order for them to form good working habits which will be invaluable later on in their lives when they are ready to enter the work force.

Other facilities which are ongoing include the Equine Therapy Center, the Early Learning Centre, Speech Therapy, Trauma Counselling as well as other specialist psychology and educational programs focused on the specific needs of each child.


Click here if you would like to join our journey in creating a sustainable impact on our children’s lives by contributing towards one of these ongoing programs.

African Blessings is committed to CREATING A sustainable impact that extends far beyond immediate needs...

The realization of our long-term goal to create and develop a sports field is now approaching its final stages of construction. This sports field holds immense significance in nurturing the growth of our children's confidence, motor skills, and fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship.

As we near completion of this monumental task, which involved the relocation of a substantial 10,000 cubic meters of sand from our back farm location to the children's village, with the generous support of Komatsu South Africa, we recognize the ongoing need for maintenance and upkeep.

To ensure the continued success of this project and its positive impact on our children and community, we invite you to learn more about how you can contribute to its ongoing maintenance. Click here to find out how you can help keep this vital project thriving.

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2024 Projects

Projects on our goal list for completion in 2024 include:

  • The completion of Houses 8 and 9

  • Upgrading the current wooden doors on the occupied houses to Aluminium.

  • Installation of Solar Power at the Village


Click on the link below to find out how you can join our journey and become involved with these projects.


Our Team

Rita Edkins

Sheldon Oosthuizen

Bruce Lywood

Board of directors

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