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How you can help

If you are short on time or too far away or to lend us a hand, African Blessings has a number of different projects you can support by donating goods or cash. Click the button below to be directed to our online donations platform, and to see a list of frequently needed goods.

Donations towards African Blessings are tax deductible and you will be eligible to receive a SARS 18A certificate to submit with your tax return. Kindly email to request your certificate or proof of donation.



Set up a fixed donation here

Monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual donations are very useful in helping us plan to make the best use of resources as we have a more accurate idea of funds raised for each month.   


Contribute towards ongoing projects

Once-off donations assist with ongoing projects and daily running costs such as groceries, school fees and clothing. If you would like to make a contribution towards a specific program or sponsor a child’s school fees for a week, month or year, please click here.

Account name: African Blessings

Bank: FNB (First National Bank)

Branch code: 250655

Account number: 62065437355

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Direct Transfer and General Donations
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Other ways to donate

There are different programs at African Blessings that you can choose to donate towards. You can help support the running of our children’s homes (with groceries, toiletries or cleaning supplies), assist with the education of our children, or give them the opportunity to explore hobbies and other activities. Scroll through the online donations shop to find a program you would like to support. Kindly contact us to arrange a collection or drop-off point should you wish to make a goods donations toward one of these programs.



Items needed

Goods donations to assist with the running of the houses, baby centre and farm are most welcome. Scroll down below to find a list of frequently needed  items.



  • Educational Books

  • Children's Books

  • Stationery and Magazines

  • Chairs and tables

  • Furniture (once-off donation)

  • Bicycles

  • Clothing (1 - 5 years)

  • Shoes

  • Linen

  • Blankets

  • Donate towards the running costs for a home


Veggie Garden

& Animal Therapy

  • Seeds (especially oat, barley and winter covercrop seed mixes)

  • Gardening tools

  • Horse grazing seed mix for  horse paddocks

  • Water cans

  • Eco Friendly Insecticides

  • Organic Fertilizer

  • Overalls / attire

Thank you for your support!

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