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The African Blessings Early Learning Centre is located on the Farm and caters for children from infancy through to Grade 0. The Centre runs on  the ACSI school curriculum system and we believe in creating firm foundations by providing our children with an exceptional education.

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"Building solid foundations..."

Once children are of primary school-going age, they are enrolled at one of the local primary schools, and then onto high schools to further their education. Having built a solid early learning foundation, many of our children flourish in the school environment after graduating from the Early Learning Centre.

The Early Learning Centre was started in 2014, with just 2 learners, Bridget and Charmaine. Both have approached their further studies with diligence and are making the best of the education provided to them.

Most recently, Tiny, the daughter of Teacher Nomsa, who teaches at our Early Learning Centre, graduated and went on to Grade 1 at a local Government School in the Township of Rethabiseng, right behind the Farm. She passed grades 1 and 2 with ease and is thriving as a result of a firm pre-school advantage.

4 other children have received school fee assistance from African Blessings and Polished Arrows; 2 of whom have successfully matriculated and the eldest who has successfully completed her studies at Fort Cox Agricultural College and has earned her Diploma in Farm Management.

The second eldest matriculant has received a full bursary from Rhodes University to pursue a  Bachelor of Science Degree. He was the only student from his school to receive a bursary.

The other 2 children are still in primary and high school respectively and both doing well.

In order to ensure the best education possible, class sizes are kept small, allowing for each child to receive the required  individual attention from the dedicated and hand-picked teachers and teachers aids, allowing them to develop to their full potential.  The school goes on regular outings to local attractions, allowing the children to expand their horizons and experience different environments. Activities on the farm include swimming, pony rides as well as push bike or bicycle riding.

The Baby Centre is run alongside the Early Learning Centre, allowing for familial integration during the days. This process allows the babies to become familiar with potential house parents  to assist in a stable transition once the babies are old enough to move into one of the  Jochebed Children’s Village homes. Our Baby Centre nursery is well equipped with 8 cots and two care areas.