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The African Blessings Education Centre caters for children from infancy through to Grade R. Once the children are old enough, they are placed at a local school in order to continue their education.

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"Building solid foundations..."

The African Blessings Education Centre is located on the farm and caters for children from infancy through to Grade R. The centre is based on the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) curriculum system.


We believe in creating firm foundations that help our children to succeed by providing them with an exceptional early childhood education.

All of our children are currently between one and five years old, but once they are old enough, they will be enrolled at one of the local primary schools, and then further their education at a high school.

Class sizes at our education centre are kept small, allowing each child to receive individual attention from our dedicated, hand-picked teachers and teachers’ aides.

The school goes on regular outings to local attractions and hosts career awareness days for different professions, allowing the children to expand their horizons and experience different environments.


Regular activities on the farm include swimming, pony rides and push bike or bicycle riding.


African Blessings is currently in the process of developing and building a sports field, which will further enhance our ability to provide a well-rounded education.

The African Blessings Baby Centre is run alongside the education centre, allowing for familial integration through the day. This process allows the babies to become familiar with potential house parents,  helping to ensure a stable transition once the babies are old enough to move into one of the Jochebed Children’s Village homes. Our baby centre’s nursery is well equipped with eight cots and two care areas.

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