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Polished Arrows.

How is it going with your joy? Jesus lived joy and so can we. Many of us carry on living and carry on carrying on with a sense of duty only. You can do your duty and turn it into delight! You have been redeemed once Christ became your personal Lord. God does not frown on our joyful exuberance! I remember a lady in the 1980’s who attended a Billy Graham crusade and noticed all around her the large crowds who were so joyful. She said this : Strange, I never associated God with joy before! She was converted at this joyful event and her words turned to : I have never been so happy.

Psalm 30 : 11 puts this into a nutshell : “You (God) turned my wailing into dancing; You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.”

Go to your Jesus wardrobe and put on His joy.

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