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Planting Season is Here!

Almost everyone would like the convenience of being able to step out the kitchen door and pick a few things out of the garden to add to dinner preparations, but sometimes efforts to do just that have lead to dried out seedlings and invariable disappointment. Seasoned food garden specialist, Rita Edkins, shares a few hints and tips below on how to make your garden a success.

Successful Planting Methods

Tip number one: make the planting hole deep enough so that the roots can settle in comfortably and not be bent or rolled into the soil.

Tip number two: once you have made the hole for your seedling put water into the hole just before you plant so that the roots can drink immediately.

Tip number three : once your seedling is in its new ‘home’ put God’s Blanket around it to keep it cosy in cool times and cool in warm times.

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