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December Festivities

There was so much excitement all round as the children opened their gifts this Christmas. We are so grateful to everyone who donated towards our causes (many fantastic items were received for school next year) as well as to all the people who bought and wrapped gifts, donated cash towards clothing, dropped off sweet packs, helped decorate, prepare lunch and make this a wonderful day for the children. A special thanks also goes out to our staff, teachers, house mom’s and dad’s who have shown so much care and support throughout the year.

Thank you to the Venter / Havenga families for organising a Day of Goodwill lunch and festivities for our village and farm family children, as well as for the food donation towards our kitchen! Lots of spoils and fun playing at the conference centre! Hotdogs, lots of sweet treats, swimming and games.

Your donations and time spent with the children and animals are very much appreciated: Chris Venter Kerrie Venter Connie Steyn Bertus Havenga Duncan Havenga

Seen here as well are some of our precious foster moms - they each received a small Christmas gift - we salute our foster parents for all they do for our village children!

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