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Be part of the change. Join African Blessings on our journey to empower and uplift children in need.

Faith & Love Through Action

African Blessings seeks to build a generation that has risen against all odds, yet is ready, prepared and confident to take a seat at the table. We aim to help the children in our care to join a new generation of leaders who solve problems and find new and creative ways to grow and improve through equity, distribution and edification.

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Jochebed Children’s Village consists of 16 homes that provide a safe haven and offers a second chance for

at-risk children. Each home is run by foster parents who look after six children. African Blessings believes it’s crucial to provide  our children with an upbringing that is as normal and family orientated as possible.


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education CENTRE

The  education centre at African Blessings caters for children from infancy through to Grade R. Once the children are old enough, they are placed at a local school in order to continue their education.

Our goal is to give the children placed in our care the opportunity to grow into confident individuals, allowing them to develop to their full potential and have every chance of success in life.


African Blessings NPC

African Blessings is a registered non-profit company (2003/006636/08) and a public benefit organisation (930029073). African Blessings is situated near Bronkhorstspruit in Gauteng, South Africa.

The farm forms the foundation upon which all the African Blessings projects are run and is located strategically between three major rural communities straddling Gauteng and Mpumalanga (Rethabiseng, Ekangala and Zithobeni). African Blessings, together with African Hills, provides employment and further training opportunities within these communities.

The primary focus at African Blessings is Jochebed Children's Village, which provides a safe and nurturing home for at-risk children. It has been a long journey to build and establish the 16 homes that form part of the village, but we are finally ready to begin taking in more children.

Sustainable farming projects form a large part of African Blessings’ self-sustaining programs. They provide food security, as well as continued and nutritious food sources, for the children and staff who live on the farm.

African Blessings Childrens Home

OUR Goals

“Raising communities to excellence”

Through our efforts, we aim to empower individuals to contribute confidently to society. We’re helping to grow future leaders and active community members who will be guided by their personal values, principles and a passion to succeed. We are devoted to planting the seeds of growth for future generations.


Our facilities


Donations received from corporates and individuals are used to build a foundation for lasting change. Through these donations from our generous benefactors, we are able to commit to a sustainable impact on the lives of our children that extends far beyond immediate needs.

Mile stone objectives which will have a significant impact on the well being of the children in our care include the recent completion of the Komatsu Trust Foundation Sport’s Field and a state of the art Occupational Therapy centre. Other facilities which are ongoing include the Equine Therapy Center, the Early Learning Centre, Speech Therapy, Trauma Counselling as well as other specialist psychology and educational programs focused on the specific needs of each child.


There are different programmes at African Blessings that you can choose to donate towards. You can help support the running of our children’s homes (with groceries, toiletries or cleaning supplies), assist with the education of our children, or give them the opportunity to explore hobbies and other activities. Click here to find a program you would like to support.


We are always in need of volunteers and have many different projects that you can get involved in. These include helping at the Jochebed Children's Village and the education centre, as well as pony rides for the children, maintenance, decor, birthday parties and career awareness programs to name but a few.

Current children in our care and projects on the farm for 2024:


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