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The animal sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary is located on the African Blessings farm and is home to over 50 rescued animals, extricated from heart breaking circumstances of abandonment or abuse.

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love and care...

African Blessings is a voice for those who cannot speak and a shelter for those in need. Projects include assisting disadvantaged communities with basic animal care – food, tick and flea treatment, spaying and neutering programs – as well as animal care education and support.

On a bi-monthly bases, our animal welfare team travels to Rethabiseng to assist the local communities with basic animal care. Long lines usually await us with residents queueing eagerly to have their animals attended to. In cases where treatment cannot be provided on site, African Blessings assists the owners by taking the animals back to the Farm, where a veterinarian can attend to them. Those animals are then also rehabbed at African Blessings before being returned to their owners.

Due to our long-standing community involvement and work, we are also able to reach abused, neglected and or abandoned animals, which are then rehabbed and rehomed.

The Equine Rescue Centre was established in 2010 and is a sanctuary for previously abused and, or abandoned horses and donkeys. Sadly, as horses and donkeys are very often working animals, the treatment and circumstances they are often forced to endure are horrific.

Donkeys are highly intelligent, very curious and like to be given time to make a move, which is why they are often considered to be stubborn. They are the most humble and sadly also one of the most abused animals in the world.

The Centre provides a haven where these incredible, sentient beings can live out the rest of their lives in peace, while receiving the love and care each animal deserves. Missions Director, Rita Edkins, has a special place in her heart for her "Zonkeys", and has given them each a special name starting with "Z": Zara, Zillah, Zelda, Zack, S [Z} weetie, Zollie and Zerah.

Zillah was rescued from a coal mine, where she had been severely burned and her left ear twisted and torn beyond repair. This poor donkey was even too afraid to bray. Following months of loving care and attention, her confidence has returned and she is a happy donkey who will live out the rest of her days on the Farm.   Sadly, we have similar horror stories to tell about most of our beloved rescues, but we are grateful every day for those that we are able to reach and save.

Over the years and in responding to the many, many pleas for help and assistance, the African Blessings animal family has grown to include goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and even some wilder visitors, like baby antelope, from time to time.

Many of the animals recused by our animal welfare program now call African Blessings their forever home and are dedicated pets as well as playmates to the children and families living in Jochebed Children’s Village. The Farm affords the children all the benefits of growing up on a farm and allows for ample space to run around in, play, explore, learn, develop and be part of a greater community.

As you can imagine all of our animals need love and attention, and they can never have too much! If you would like to assist by volunteering at the Animal Sanctuary, click here and we will be in contact. Alternatively, if you are able to offer financial support, click here to donate towards food, medical supplies and other necessities to help us continue caring for the critters in the communities we serve.