Raising Kings

As part of our ongoing mission at Jochebed Children's Village to provide children with a safe, happy environment; the Jochebed Baby Centre was built. The Baby Centre is equipped to provide the littlest of our kings with a safe haven, a warm home and all the tools the little ones need so that we may raise strong, confident future leaders.

The Jochebed Baby Centre first opened its doors in 2018 when the African Blessings Team first met little Kevin. A tiny, premature baby; Kevin soon crawled into our hearts and became the first little king to live in the Centre. His life did not have the best start, and our insertion into his life means that he will rise above his poor beginning and journey, hand-in-hand through life, with African Blessings as his guardian.

The Centre was built alongside the Jerusalem School and consists of a baby room, baby-friendly bathing room and private quarters for our caring nannies. Our nannies take care of the young children, and during the day integrate them with the kings at Jerusalem School, so that they may form strong familial bonds, and learn basic skills through play. Once old enough, our little kings will move into Bethlehem, with a few siblings, in one of the 16 houses in the Jochebed Children's Village.

We are incredibly passionate about caring for the precious children entrusted to our care and we hope to continue making an impact in their lives; as well as to be able to extend the reach of these outcomes even further.

Raising kings is another important initiative very close to our hearts, as we strive to raise communities to excellence.

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