Environmental Conservation

As the stewards of Rustfontein Farm – the heart of African Blessings and home of our Jochebed Children’s Village - we are entrusted with a remarkable and precious piece of land that encompasses so much more than meets the eye.

Naturally occurring springs and fountains on the property result in a water system of dams, streams and wetlands that sustain a vast variety of critters ranging from otters and leguaan to spurwing geese, Egyptian geese, a variety of ducks, leaf walkers, frogs, bullfrogs, fish eagles and owls.

There is a lot of talk about the impending water crises in our country (and in the world): supplies are faltering; purification and waste treatment systems are failing and the funds for fixing the problems are hopelessly insufficient. The issue is real, big and rather too close for comfort. The ecological components of managing our water supply - our natural ecological infrastructure – are vital: the catchments that harvest water from the sky, the rivers that convey it across the countryside and the wetlands that slow and purify it on its downstream journey. We are passionate about caring for the precious resources placed in our hands at Rustfontein.

Our Rustfontein Farm flora includes varieties of protea, growing wild and free and – under our care - protected now from destructive annual fires.

Rustfontein is also a haven for honeybees. Bees thrive here as they are able to `work’ undisturbed and bring their incredible value to the environment.

We are also home to porcupine, rabbits, hares and a variety of duikers, steenbok and rietbok, all of whom benefit from the safety of a protected environment, where numbers would otherwise be dwindling fast.

All our activities on the farm are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner, from the pesticides we use to our cleaning materials; and of course, our farming practices (Foundations for Farming).

We make our own organic compost that we use to grow our delicious organic vegetables.

What legacy will this generation leave for our children?

Conserving areas of high biodiversity value, like Rustfontein, should be close to everyone’s hearts. We are committed to leaving our Jochebed kings – and all South African children - a great legacy.

We invite and encourage you to come and visit and enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings of the African Blessings farm.

Environmental Conservation

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