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You are needed!

A recent conversation went something like this : Would you consider getting involved in this project? The reply was : I can’t, I am all tied up at the moment. Tied up. It reminded me again of the donkey that was all tied up, but when Jesus needed it for a project it was untied and released for His project that day. The words that led to the donkey being untied? The Lord needs it. I sat and pondered and imagined how the donkey felt the hands untying it, releasing it and setting it free to take part in His work for the day. Then presumably it went back to its donkey owner and we never hear of it again.

“And they brought it (the donkey) to Jesus; then they threw their garments over the colt and set Jesus upon it.” Luke 19 : 35

Remember. You are loved, responsible, gifted, and you are needed.

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