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African Blessing is a Non Profit Company (2003/006636/08) and a Public Benefit Organisation (930029073) based at Rustfontein, the African Blessings' Farm, near Bronkhorstspruit.

Our "faith and love through action" has led us in the direction of caring for our community, children, animals and the environment.

We believe that all life is precious, and we do our best to care for each other, our families, our neighbours and the animals within our communities, in every way possible.

Our primary goal is the establishment of Jochebed Children's Village, a home for orphaned or abandoned children. We are creating a home where every individual is safe, nurtured and provided with an environment and education to ensure the development of each child's full potential. A place where true leaders are raised.

Farming is an important part of what we do at African Blessings, in order to provide a source of nutritious food for the Farm, as well as an income source towards Jochebed Children's Village costs. As a result we are able to grow our own delicious organic vegetables that currently feed those who live on the Farm, as well as people in need in the communities we serve.

We farm using Foundations for Farming principles and in addition, the team provides Foundations for Farming Training and support to communities and various groups, empowering and assisting communities with the establishment and maintenance of sustainable food gardens so that they can grow and harvest their own crops.

Our passion for animal welfare is very evident at African Blessings and this love in action can be seen both at The Sanctuary and in our Community Critter Care outreach programme. Since animals have no voice of their own, but have the same basic needs and feel the same pains we feel, African Blessings has become an advocate for the 'voiceless' by helping abused, abandoned, hurt and hungry animals in the best way that we can. The Sanctuary offers rescued animals a safe-haven and place of love and respect where they receive the care they need and deserve.

This focus has also led us to the creation of Community Critter Care. This outreach supports the treatment and care of animals in the community, as well as teaching and supporting owners to love and care for their pets. We continue to reward faithful owners by inviting them to our outreaches, where their pets receive a regular check-up, basic healthcare, access to sterilisation programmes and food. Our actions include initiatives designed to acknowledge and encourage owners that take pride in the well-being of their pets.

Our love for animals can also be seen at The Sanctuary on the African Blessings Farm, which is home to many rescue horses and donkeys that live in the beautiful stables and fields here, receiving the very best care and frolicking in the paddocks with the warm sun on their backs.

Our hope is to continue to see growth in all the philanthropic activities that we are involved in. We know that through our combined efforts we will make a difference in each and every project that we tackle.

Who is African Blessings?

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“Raising communities to excellence”

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Growing South Africa, one community at a time: African Blessings is a Non Profit Company and a Public Benefit Organisation on a mission to uplift, educate and empower communities of South Africa.

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We are positive that through our efforts we are able to empower communities to confidently contribute to society and that future leaders will be guided by values, principles and a passion to succeed. We are devoted to planting the seeds of growth for future generations.

Our Directors

Delia O'Connor

Delia O'Connor
Delia brings endless passion and drive to her role as a Director of African Blessings. She considers herself privileged to be able to pour her life’s energy into creating a better place for all living creatures and her personal vision is the creation of a centre for rescued animals.

Elize Paizes

Elize Paizes
As a qualified accountant - BComm (Hons), Financial Accounting – Elize oversees the financial aspects of African Blessings. She makes sure that the funds are safely managed and ensures that “a little goes a long way”. Elize has a personal vision to create a lasting change in the lives of underprivileged and needy children in South Africa.

Marjorie Forssman

Marjorie Forssman
Marjorie's focus role as a Director of African Blessings is Corporate Governance. Her knowledge and experience in this regard, gained through her professional career, means a crucial aspect of the custodianship of a Section 18 NPO is in capable hands. Marjorie is passionate about the development of children at African Blessings.

Ian Wilcocks

Ian Wilcocks
Marketer by training, Entrepreneur by opportunity, Leader by example, Sportsman by spirit, Religious by conviction and Developer by sheer guts. Ian's contribution to African Blessings is invaluable and is predominantly related to finance. His personal vision is in the development of the children of Jochebed Children's Village.

Paul Edkins

Paul Edkins
Paul’s primary role as a Director on the African Blessings board is that of Communication Officer. His objective is to co-ordinate communication strategies that effectively describe and promote the organisation; its projects and its vision. To this end, his priority is to create, implement and oversee innovative and effective communication platforms and media.

Rita Edkins

Rita Edkins
Rita Edkins is the On-Site/Missions Director at the Rustfontein Farm and provides guidance and leadership for the staff on the farm. Largely invested in the organisation’s projects and committed to achieving the greater vision, Rita is the driving force and the hands-on-hands behind all the African Blessings outreach programmes.

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